Lake Fishing Montana

Choosing where to go fishing in southwest Montana can be difficult. With countless rivers and streams to choose from, local anglers literally have limitless opportunities for summer fly fishing. As much as we cherish time in the drift boat swinging flies, we also truly value a day spent trolling the lake. Within 50 miles of Bozeman, there are multiple bodies of water to explore that more often than not hold giant fish. Every summer, we make sure to dedicate a couple of weekends to fishing our favorite lakes. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to catch a colorful variety of trout including rainbows, browns, cut throat, and more. If you haven’t spent an afternoon on the water lately, get out there! Summer only lasts so long.

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day always seems to sneak up on all of us resulting in impulsive gift purchasing and secretly disappointed fathers. Give your dad a gift he will love this year. Schnee’s has curated the ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide, full of popular and unique gifts he is guaranteed to cherish. From quality Schnee’s clothing to leather goods and travel bags, the Father’s Day Gift Guide is home to dozens of great gift ideas. Shop with us today and don’t hesitate to give us a call 24 hours a day here in Montana. We look forward to talking with you. 

Spring In The Mountains

Living north of the 45th parallel means winters are long and daylight is scarce for about five months a year. Come late April-early May, the snow starts to bleed off, the sunshine remains a bit later each evening and temperatures begin to rise as life returns to the mountain side. This seasonal change also brings one of our first hunting opportunities of the year, bears and sheds.

Our pursuit begins as we painfully get ourselves back into hiking shape. Steep hillsides taunt us with determined patches of snow and loose rock. The experience is both torturous and rewarding. One moment you feel as though your lungs and heart are about to burst out of your chest, and the next you stumble upon a mule deer shed or sight a feeding bear on a distant hillside. Excruciating exhaustion is usually quickly replaced with a powerful sense of fulfillment.

Some nights we may find nothing more than a picture-worthy sunset accompanied by a crippling leg cramp, and that’s enough. Spring reminds us the mountain is demanding, a lesson better learned in May than September. We may not find a trophy bear or a monster shed every time we go, but that’s ok with us.

Another Reason We Call Montana Home

Team Schnee’s recently spent a memorable afternoon flinging flies on one of our famed local rivers. There are few places you can consistently catch trout on a fly rod over 20 inches and this particular river is is one of them. The sun was shining, the parking lot almost empty and fish were feeding! The afternoon was spent fighting monster trout and hanging out with good friends. Opportunities like this one is just another reason why we call Montana home. 

10 Questions with Bryce Ledbetter

1. Bryce, tell us what you do for Schnee’s.

Like a lot of my colleagues I wear many hats.  My primary responsibilities are to help manage the Schnee’s marketing effort and spearhead the wholesale and corporate sales divisions.

2. What do you like to hunt with?

The favorite of my firearms is a Kimber 300 Winchester Short Mag.  It might be a bit overkill for a lot of North American game but I know I can rely on it for those bigger animals and longer shots. This past year I got into bow hunting and bought a Bowtech Insanity.  It’s a bit on the heavier side but it proved itself in September when I got my first bull elk.  I shoot Gold Tip Pro Hunter arrows in the field and Easton Light Speeds at the range.

3. Do you live in Bozeman?

 I’ve lived in Bozeman for a year and a half, though I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas.  After finishing school I worked in Dallas for about 6 years.  I first became interested in Bozeman after reading an article in Outside Magazine.  I was looking to make a change and Bozeman seemed to have everything I wanted: more easily accessible areas to hunt and fish, great people, and unbeatable scenery.  I’ll take the occasional -30 over 3 months of 115 any day.       

4. What do you do when you’re not working at Schnee’s?

Like most Bozemanites I’m a pretty active person.  I spend a lot of time running in the Bridgers and exercising at the local gym.  This past winter I joined an archery league where I practiced alongside some of the best archers in the state.  I’m also fairly involved with the community: I sit on two city boards, lead a group at my church, and volunteer at the local animal shelter.

5. What is your typical week like?

I get up most days at about 430 and spend some time catching up on the news and enjoying a couple cups of coffee.  Afterwards I hit the gym and get to work by about 730.  I get off work most days around 5 and then head over to the archery range, or, if the weather is nice, I’ll run up to the M with a couple of friends.  After some time at the range or on the mountain, we’ll head downtown for dinner and drinks.  I read for about an hour each night before hitting the sack.    

6. What’s the next big item on your calendar?

I’m really pumped for September.  I’m hoping to bag my first Mulie.  I’ve spent a lot of time practicing and am ready for whatever the Crazies have to throw at me.  But before all that, I plan on spending a lot of time this Spring and Summer fishing and running in local races.    

7. What do you do in the off season to prepare for the next hunting season?

As I mentioned above, I spend a lot of time at the archery range and the gym.  If I want to be successful in the field I need to be as fit as possible.  CrossFit is a high intensity workout program and it scares a lot of people off, but it incorporates a lot of practical movements.  I’ll be very grateful I put myself through all the pain when I’m lugging an 80+ pound pack up some mountain.    

8. What animal is your favorite to hunt for?

Tough question  . . . I’ve hunted quite a few.  If I had to choose one I would have to say elk with a bow.  I went on my first archery elk hunt this past season and had an absolute blast.  I’m still fairly new to archery but can honestly say I may not go back to firearms any time soon.

9. If you had a dream hunting trip, where would you go and what you hunt for?

Since I was a little kid I’ve dreamed of hunting cape buffalo in Zimbabwe.  Being that close to something so large, intimidating and deadly would be quite exhilarating.  That hunt will happen a long time from now.  If I had to be realistic about it, I’d love to shoot an Alaskan mountain caribou with my bow.  They have got the coolest horns of any animal I’ve ever seen.  

10. Do you have a favorite professional sports team or college sports team? why them?

TCU Horned Frogs football is the only sport, college or pro, that I care for.  I went to school at TCU and am a very proud Horned Frog.